The Healthcare Law

We are the Service Employees International Union,
an organization of more than 2 million members
united by the belief in the dignity and worth of
workers and the services they provide and dedicated
to improving the lives of workers and their families 
and creating a more just and humane society. 

- SEIU mission statement

The Affordable Care Act:
Moving working families forward

"The healthcare law means that working families can move forward toward more affordable, secure healthcare and better health, not backward to the status quo of skyrocketing premiums, insurance denials and unchecked profits for insurance companies."

- SEIU President Mary Kay Henry

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The Affordable Care Act makes healthcare more affordable and accessible for millions of Americans and for those who need its protections and benefits the most.

Better Care, Better Lives


Stories of the Affordable Care Act at Work: Nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers of SEIU share their stories from the front lines of how the "new" law (signed by Presiden Obama in March 2010) is already helping their patients and their families. Read them here »

The healthcare law works....Spread the word!

Ask your friends & family to join you in protecting access to quality healthcare and women's contraception. Send an email; post on Facebook or Twitter »

Learn about the healthcare law where you live

healthcare map

New data shows how the healthcare law has helped Americans across the country over the last year. From new services, benefits and programs, find out how how the Affordable Care Act is helping you where you live.

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The cost of repealing the healthcare law

If the Affordable Care Act is not fully implemented, here's what we stand to lose »

Why the law is so important for communities of color »

Why Medicaid Matters To Americans: 30 Reasons » | (En Español »)

The Affordable Care Act: Timeline of Changes

healthcare law timeline

Millions more Americans are counting on the insurance protections and benefits of the law that will roll out over the next 2 years and beyond, with most changes taking place by 2014.

Find out what's changing under the new law–and when. »

Best Internet Resources

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Quick Facts on the Affordable Care Act

Numbers to know: Who's benefitting from the healthcare law in 2011 and beyond. »

View state-by-state fact sheets on how Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act provide cost-efficient healthcare coverage nationwide.

Millions of working families are experiencing benefits from the law »

Stories from front line healthcare workers

SEIU members played a pivotal role in winning the landmark healthcare law legislation that is already at work for millions of Americans. Read more ».

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SEIU's Faculty Forward Campaign

A union is a very effective tool for people who want to see improvements where they work. Such improvements can include: pay increases, a fair evaluation process, and greater academic freedom.
Affordable Care Act is working - share your story of how it's helping you