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Wisconsin anti-worker bill hurts families, state's economy; Gov. Walker shouldn't sign

This ongoing right-to-work attack has thrown our economy out of balance, and families in Wisconsin and across the nation are the ones paying the price.

Constituents stand up to anti-worker politicians in FL, IA, MA, PA and WI

All across the country, workers are partnering with other Americans - the 99%- to hold anti-worker politicians accountable. Check out some of the recent actions that have taken place in Iowa, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Reclaiming Wisconsin One Year Later

The middle class and working people of Wisconsin and around the world will never forget March 9, 2011. This was the day that Gov. Scott Walker and his legislative allies rammed through the collective bargaining rights-stripping bill in an illegal meeting in the dead of the night. Exactly one year later, more than 60,000 people held a "Reclaim Wisconsin" rally at the capitol building in Madison. More details and photos here.

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