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Seattle Mayor and Sea-Tac Airport Worker Urge American Cities to Lead the Fight to Raise Wages

As a ramp agent for SeaTac subcontractor Menzies Aviation, Socrates Bravo has to work more than 20 hours of overtime per week to try to make ends meet. His hectic schedule means sacrificing valuable quality time with his 2-year-old daughter.

This is why poverty wages don't fly

There was a time when airport jobs were good jobs that paid a livable wage. But years of an outsourcing race to the bottom have hit airport workers hard. Our airports have become cities of secret poverty, where travelers never know the poverty work that helps get them to their destination.

Glimpses of a Better Life

This is the year of low-wage workers rising. Hard working families are standing up and we are seeing what you can achieve when we stand together. In Jersey City, the mayor and city council worked together to pass a law...

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