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"No insurance company would have written a new policy that would cover my pregnancy if it weren't for the pre-existing conditions clause in the [Affordable Care Act]"

Lisa May lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and son, with another child due this summer. When her husband started his own business last year, May and her family switched to the health insurance plan from her employer.

"If you can save lives [by expanding Medicaid] and save money at the same time, it's a no-brainer."

SEIU Local 512 member Roslyn Gadley traveled to Richmond recently and spoke to a crowd in front of the Capitol in support of expanding Medicaid. She says it's important to stand up to elected leaders who cave to tea party pressure and look for reasons to block the Medicaid funds.

Homecare Workers Need Better Working Conditions

Overtime protection for home care workers is a win-win for all concerned. The more money we make, the more likely we are to stay at this job, the more we have to spend on local businesses and the more taxes we pay. And in the state of Virginia, paying home care workers the overtime pay they've worked would save our state lots of money by keeping people out of nursing homes.

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