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SEIU: Immigrant Families Have Justice, History On Their Side

Immigrant families remain on a path to justice. This TX judge and his right-wing backers can't bend the law to their personal will. The law is on the side of the president, who has broad authority to determine immigration enforcement policy.

This is why poverty wages don't fly

There was a time when airport jobs were good jobs that paid a livable wage. But years of an outsourcing race to the bottom have hit airport workers hard. Our airports have become cities of secret poverty, where travelers never know the poverty work that helps get them to their destination.

SEIU Texas Member Hero: Rosa Valdez

Meet the latest SEIU Texas Hero: Rosa Valdez - a 13-year veteran MRI Tech in Corpus Christi who believes that building her union is about all of us - our families, our community, our coworkers, and our state.

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