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"There's no reason why [home care workers] should be providing vital services to folks while making $8 an hour"

VIDEO: Tonya Morrow is part of her union's movement to help home care and other workers in Pennsylvania improve their wages and benefits.

Ground Women's Healthcare in Sound Health Policy, Not Ideology

When SCOTUS makes a decision on Hobby Lobby, I urge them to rule in favor of empowering citizens to make their own informed healthcare decisions--instead of allowing the personal beliefs of a small group of multimillion dollar business owners to dictate health policy.

Altoona Nurses Strike As UPMC Continues to Put Profits Before Patients

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania's registered nurses at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Altoona are on a one-day strike today. UPMC rejected proposals for better staffing ratios, which is shown to improve patient outcomes, decrease the length of hospital stays,...

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