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600,000 Americans to Speaker Boehner: We Demand a Vote!

More than half a million petition signatures were delivered to House Speaker Boehner calling for a vote on immigration reform with a path to citizenship. The time for reform is now!

Nurses Know Best: Obamacare Benefits Everyone

Thanks to Obamacare finally being the law of the land, a whopping 28 million more Americans could gain affordable, secure healthcare by the end of President Obama's second term. Unfortunately, too many Republican governors are still putting their partisan agenda before the health of their citizens and dragging their feet on delivering the beneifts of the healthcare law.

SEIU Members Making the Case for President Obama

Despite the incredible number of doors that SEIU members in Ohio like CNA Carol Ford have knocked over the past few months, they still see every door as a new opportunity to renew our commitment to building the middle class and winning for working people.

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