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North Carolina Home Care Workers Fighting for $15 and a Union

This week, North Carolina home care workers who recently joined in the Home Care Fight for $15 and a union spoke out about why they joined--and why they're marching on Saturday.

Saturday Solidarity Rallies Across the Country

The unity of the labor movement was in evidence everywhere on Saturday, when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of every single capital in America to stand with Wisconsin and demand an end to the attacks on workers. The nationwide show of solidarity on Saturday was sponsored by MoveOn.org, SEIU and dozens of other organizations. More photos of SEIU members participating in Saturday's rallies across the country on SEIU's Blog.

SEIU members give back this holiday season

SEIU members across the country are joining together to give back to their communities this holiday season. Here's a look at what some SEIU members in Michigan, Virginia, California, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Maine and North Carolina are doing.

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