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Hobby Lobby court case ruling? Unbelievable!

The Supreme Court has issued a decision that BOSSES at certain corporations can decide which forms of birth control women have access to. Not a woman herself. Not a healthcare provider. A BOSS! It's outrageous.

This is why poverty wages don't fly

There was a time when airport jobs were good jobs that paid a livable wage. But years of an outsourcing race to the bottom have hit airport workers hard. Our airports have become cities of secret poverty, where travelers never know the poverty work that helps get them to their destination.

¡Asegúrate! SEIU Docs Say 'Get Covered,' Discuss Nationwide Outreach to Latinos

CIR leaders Dr. Say Salomón and Dr. Michelle Espinoza star in a new video explaining the healthcare marketplaces, which opened on Oct. 1. The video, in Spanish and English, is part of a nationwide outreach effort to Latinos. The video...

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