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Join SEIU Healthcare Michigan Members' Fight for Medicaid Expansion

SEIU Healthcare Michigan members have been fighting to secure access to health care for 470,000 working poor Michiganders, including 50,000 home care workers. But Michigan Senate Republicans are putting at risk hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars which will be given to other states if they don't take action immediately.

Detroit fast food workers on STRIKE!

This morning, I walked off my job at McDonald's. And I'm not alone. All across Detroit, workers like me are on strike -- from McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Dollar Tree, Little Caesar's, Domino's, Long John Silver's and more.

Live From Lansing: Workers Say NO To Right-To-Work-For-Less In Michigan

thousands of workers from Michigan and across the nation are gathering to participate in a Day of Action at the State Capitol Building in Lansing, Michigan to say no to right-to-work-for-less.

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