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Alvin Jackson: Baton Rouge Constable Fighting for Working Families

Alvin R. Jackson is a father, mentor, community leader, law enforcement educator and proud Service Employees International Union Local 21 LA member. Jackson, a Sergeant Deputy Constable, has diligently served the City of Baton Rouge for 22 years. The Baton...

News From Around the Union

In case you missed it....recent news, contract victories and activism from SEIU Local unions in New York, Toronto, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Oregon, San Francisco and Colorado.

Young and Hungry

While the injury done to children by hunger isn't as obvious as shrapnel wounds, hunger interferes with learning, cognitive development, attention and socialization--in short, with every ability young people need to succeed later in life. When several dozen early learning professionals came to an SEIU member lobbying day last week, several of them told me about hungry children in their care. These are some of the stories they shared.

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