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Thousands Rally in 22 Cities Today to Support Good Jobs Our Economy Needs

As the nation's attention turns toward job creation, thousands of low-wage janitors and office cleaners in a dozen cities will take to the streets to support jobs that have created a path to the middle class for hundreds of thousands of workers in some of our most hard-pressed cities.

SEIU 32BJ Wilmington janitors celebrate Chris Coons' victory

The janitors and security officers who keep Wilmington's buildings clean and secure are proud to stand with Senator-elect Chris Coons on this victory night. We're counting on him to ensure our tax dollars go toward creating the good jobs we need to rebuild our economy in Delaware.

Gov. Dean Gets Fired Up in Delaware

On May 29th, SEIU hosted an event with Gov. Howard Dean to discuss health care reform with people in Wilmington, Delaware. Watch a clip of Howard Dean reacting to a story from a local resident who was forced to file for divorce in order to afford cancer treatment.

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