11:00 PM Eastern - Sunday, June 14, 2015

Justice for Janitors: 25 Years of Raising America #default

25 years ago, janitors fighting for a better life were attacked on the streets by LA police. What began as a peaceful protest by janitors and their allies, quickly devolved into a nightmare.

That day, though horrific, became a flashpoint for the Justice for Janitors movement, launching it into the national spotlight, and ultimately improving the lives of more than 130,000 janitors and their families.

At the time, no one believed the janitors could win. But we persevered; winning wage increases, full family health coverage, sick days and more.

Today we're still fighting, right alongside fast food workers, airport workers, security officers, and adjunct professors. We fight because 42% of the American workforce is paid less than $15 an hour - not nearly enough to live on!

I was not there in 1990, but I am proud to continue their legacy right in my hometown of Detroit. We have won before, and I know we will win again.

Celebrate with me and share the Justice for Janitors Day history below. Celebrate to remember those who fought so hard 25 years ago, and to provide hope for those who fight tirelessly today.


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